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Hot Water Bag

Front side: 100% Alpaca Huacaya Fur

Posterior side: 100% Ovine Fur




21 x 33 cm / 8.26 x 12.99 in

* Height per length sizes


Enjoy a cold day at home with this beautiful alpaca fur hot water bag case. Whether you are reading a book in the living room or staying in bed for a movie marathon this cozy hot water bag will keep you and your love ones warm in cold nights. The front side is made of gorgeous alpaca huacaya fur and the posterior side is made of ovine fur.

Care Instructions

Do not wash or dry clean. To remove stains: In a bowl mix some warm water and mild soap or shampoo. Mix to create foam. Apply the foam with a cotton cloth over the stain, be careful not to saturate the fur with water. Dry the water bag case with a blow dryer or at room temperature and brush. For liquid spills: Rub the water bag case with baby powder and brush after drying.

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