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Huacaya Scarf




12-15 cm x 85 cm / 4.72-5.90 in x 33.46 in

* Height per length sizes (Sizes are not always exact, could vary depending on the animal’s hide considering that every animal has different length hair).


You will love the softness and warmth of our alpaca huacaya scarf. Keep yourself warm and fashionable during winter. Hand-crafted by a lovely family of artisans in Peru. Made of 100% alpaca fur.

Care Instructions

Do not wash or dry clean. To remove stains: In a bowl mix some warm water and mild soap or shampoo. Mix to create foam. Apply the foam with a cotton cloth over the stain, be careful not to saturate the fur with water. Dry the scarf with a blow dryer or at room temperature and brush. For liquid spills: Rub the scarf with baby powder and brush after drying.

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