QATA Alpaca Goods

Alpaca Goods

We develop handmade alpaca fur and yarn pieces of the highest quality. We are commited to prevail the essence of handcraft as well as meeting our clients standards and needs.

About Us

Qata Alpaca - Alpacas in their natural environment.
Qata Alpaca - Light Coffee Alpaca Huacaya.

Our priority is to work responsibly with nature and local communities.


Qata Alpaca - Artisans working Alpaca's fur.

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Suri Scarf

100% Alpaca Suri Fur

Crossed Slippers

100% Alpaca Huacaya Fur

Suri Cushion

100% Alpaca Suri Fur

Huacaya Scarf

100% Alpaca Huacaya Fur

Hot Water Bag

Alpaca Huacaya

100% Alpaca Huacaya Fur